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February 25, 2017

2016-17 School Calendar

Teachers-Classroom Assignment

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Map of Second Floor Classrooms 

Noon-time Meet and Eat (12:00PM @ LA Courtyard)
We will have the next Meet and Eat gathering this Saturday, from 12:00PM through 12:50PM1in the LA courtyard area. Bring and eat your lunch while meeting other CCCS families. We will have popcorn, games, and other fun activities for everyone. This is a great opportunity for your children to meet other students.


We'll have a more environmental friendly and healthier approach to celebrate the Chinese New Year on March 4

We will not be having the potluck. Instead, the school will be providing drinks and light refreshments. Families are no longer asked to bring any dishes to the event. Just come to the event and enjoy the celebrations. We will still have class performances (7 performances), EP Contest Award ceremony, silent auctions, and raffles. 


We hope to see you all at the EP Contest Winner Awards Ceremony!

On behalf of the Contra Costa Chinese School, congratulations to EP Contest winners for their achievement in the EP Contest!

We cordially invite the EP Contest winners and their families to the EP Contest Awards Ceremony that will be held during the CCCS Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday, March 4th. The event will be at the DVC Bistro from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Each student will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement and receive a special gift from the Parents Association. New this year, we will also have a photographer and photo booth on site to take a photo of your student and their award, which we can email to you. Please note that we may use any photographs taken at the event on the CCCS website and/or Facebook page unless you provide a written confirmation to opt out.

Please RSVP to this even honoring your students by signing up at:

For a complete list of EP Contest Award placements, please go to:


Online Registration will be Live on March 1
March 1 will be the first day of online registration for the summer program. The regular school programs registration will follow on April 1. Detailed registration information will follow soon. Thank you!


Instructions for Mac Users to be able to read a PC (Win) CD in Mac machine

A. Check the system requirements for the PC disc that you want to use.  This information is found on the packaging for that program.  If you no longer have the packaging, go to the software manufacturer's website to get the requirements.  It may require a certain processor speed, graphics card or a certain amount of RAM. It will also require a certain operating system. Some discs can be used on both PCs and Macs, while some cannot.

B. Check that your Mac has those system requirements. You can do that by clicking the Apple, then "About This Mac" and "More Info."

C. Install Windows on your Mac if the system requirements will work but a Windows operating system is needed.  There are a few ways to do this. New Macs come with Mac OS X 10.5, which includes Boot Camp.  Boot Camp allows you to install Windows Vista or Windows XY with Service Pack 2 on your new Mac (see Resources).  After installation, Windows will run a separate partition on your hard drive.

D. Install a software package like VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop if you have an older Mac that does not have Boot Camp (see Resources).  These applications give you the flexibility to run both Mac OS X and Windows at the same time without rebooting.

E. Install virus protection on the Mac if you choose to install Windows.  Norton and Intego both make dual virus protection software that covers the Mac and Windows operating systems at the same time.

Good Luck! 


“Contra Costa Chinese School stands out as the best Chinese school in the East Bay. With its wonderful array of festivals and EP classes, CCCS really emphasizes the importance of the cultural, as well as language, importance in the Chinese learning experience.”
10th Grade student

“After a twenty year hiatus from studying Chinese, Contra Costa Chinese School once again afforded me the opportunity of studying Chinese. Though I am not Chinese and am 44 years old, I was not turned away by the administration and felt very welcome at the school. The opportunity to study Chinese is open to all.”
Adult Student/Parent

 “There were some characteristics of CCCS….student body is made up of students from a variety of different backgrounds….students can learn writing in either the traditional or simplified Chinese characters…..One other strength this school has is the teachers. The teachers I have met and spoken with truly care about their students and really do want to help them master the material. They use a variety of innovative and interactive methods to not only teach the material, but make it interesting and keep the students engaged.….I like all the different elements of Chinese culture that they teach – not only painting and dancing, but also ping pong and yoyo.….lead me to believe that this school is the ideal choice for our family.”
Parent of transfer student

 "As a non-Chinese speaking parent, after four years with the school I can say with confidence that the school has been a delight. My child continues to learn the language along with the needed confidence to use it (such as during her travels in Taiwan). For myself I have learned some of the language and culture along the way.  The staff, other parents, and teachers being so welcome I recommend this school to other households, both for itself and also to augment the Monday-to-Friday school."

"I love to teach at CCCS, and I will continue to teach there for many more happy years... It is a blessing to help the younger generation grow up. As a teacher, I whole-heartedly and mindfully guide my students in not only Chinese language learning, but in many other cultural subjects as well. Their knowledge and skills will continue to bloom in later years as they continue to practice and learn Chinese. Like a mother with her own children, I dedicate my spare time and personal devotion to teaching my students with all my love, passion, and patience."
A veteran CCCS teacher
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