School Bulletin April 20, 2014



The CCCS 2014 Student Enrollment Referral Program

Our student registration for 2014-2015 will soon start on May 01.  While you are preparing for your students’ registrations, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your continuing support to CCCS’ programs.  We also wanted to ask your favor of referring your friends/classmates to CCCS!   Your referrals are the best compliments that our teachers and volunteers can receive for their year-long passion and hard work!

As a token of the school’s gratitude for your support and help, we are announcing the 2014 Student Enrollment Referral Program as detailed here below.

Refer a friend or classmate to CCCS.  When your referral completes enrollment at CCCS, you will receive TWO valuable referral prizes!

Prize #1 - Earn a Referral Credit Equals to 3% of the Referred Student’s Language Class (not including EP Class Fee) Enrollment Fee

  • Your 3% Referral Credit will be credited to your student’s next year’s language class enrollment fee.
  • If you do not have a student enrolled at school, you will earn an additional ticket for the raffle drawing.

Prize #2 - Earn an opportunity to win an iPad-mini and other prizes in a raffle drawing

  • The Raffle Drawing will be held at the 2014 Carnival (refer to school calendar for date and time).  As more eligible referrals are completed, more iPad-minis and other prizes will be offered in the raffle!

Rules and guidelines:

The referral award program is only applicable to new CCCS student enrollment.

All CCCS students, parents, volunteers, staff, and teachers are eligible to participate.
In addition to earning a 3% Referral Credit and an opportunity to win an iPad-mini and other prizes, the top three individuals who make the highest number of completed referrals will receive a special token of appreciation.

When you refer your friends or classmates to CCCS, please provide them with your name and CCCS    class number (if you are a current CCCS   student), and ask them to enter your name and class number during their online registration process.

When your referred friends or classmates complete their CCCS 2014-2015 registration, you will become eligible for the 3% Referral Credit and iPad-mini Raffle Drawing.  However, if your referral student withdraws from CCCS prior to the raffle drawing time, your eligibility will be rescinded.

No limit on the number of referrals you may enter.

This referral award program is subject to changes, revisions, or cancellation by the school when needed and deemed as appropriate.

Questions/ comments?  Write to, or call 925.837.5888

Again, thank you very much for your support and help to CCCS!

 CCCS 2014 Enrollment Referral Program (PDF)


School Bulletin April 19, 2014 

Parents’ Online Registration Forum 網上註冊家長座談
this Saturday (April 19)

Please come join us for this important registration information forum, where all your registration questions can be addressed:

    a)  Starting from this year, all enrollment registration will be processed through online
    b)  New Fee Schedules and School Calendar will be detailed
    c)  New Student Enrollment Referral Program will be announced
    d) And More.

Date and Time: April 19, from 1:10PM- 2:50PM, or as long as needed
Place:  Room LA 113
Complimentary coffee and refreshments will be provided.


 Students’ Karaoke Team Match on May 10th

We will have Students’ Karaoke Team Match on May 10th.  To further clarify the Chinese songs that students may select for their entry, the following guidelines may help your sign-up decision:

1) You may have your own Choice of Song (Chinese Song Only) (You may provide a MP3 audio file without any vocals included, OR,  you may sing without any background music at all.)

2) You may select a Song from the School’s Pre-selected Song List as follows:

Suggested Pre-selected Chinese Songs "建議曲

(L) Lower Level 初級班for(K-3rd Grades)

   (L-1) 小星星
   (L-2) 茉莉花
   (L-3) 小毛驢
   (L-4) 兩隻老虎
   (L-5) 青春舞曲

(M) Mid-Level 高級班 for (4th-8th Grades)

   (M-1) 小燕子
   (M-2) 泥娃娃
   (M-3) 小城故事
   (M-4) 世界小小小
   (M-5) 蝸牛與黃鸝鳥

(U) Upper Level 高級班 for (IC1- IC5  Grades)

   (U-1) 朋友
   (U-2) 蘭花草
   (U-3) 甜蜜蜜
   (U-4) 感恩的心
   (U-5) 外婆的澎湖灣

Detailed information is provided in the links below.  If you have any questions, please contact the program advisor Teacher Wendy Tsai (IC5) at: Or

Karaoke Team Match Details (PDF)

Karaoke Sign-Up Form (PDF)


School-wide Rummage/Yard Sale on May 3rd

Now is a great time to clean up your garage and closets.  Contra Costa Chinese School will host a school wide rummage/yard sale on Saturday, May 03.  We need your generous donations of small household items, including toys, books, CDs, videos, music, sporting equipment, clothing, electronics, and housewares....etc.  All items must be clean and in (minimum 90% new) good and working condition. 

 After you clean up your closets, please come join us to "clean up" on some great bargains.  All proceeds will benefit the school’s funding and operational costs.

Please bring your donations to school on May 03 only, as the school has no storage room for your donations.

NOTE for Teachers:  Teachers will work with room parents to get parents to volunteer to help collect the donated items and help with sign up, setup, and cleanup.  Unsold items will be donated to charities such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, thrift stores, etc.  The sale will be at the center of the courtyard and the first floor hallway.  Tables and chairs can be used to arrange and display the sale items.

If you have any questions, please contact the program advisor: Teacher Beatrice Tao (K-PM2) at <>;  Or, email to:

 CCCS Yard Sale Details (PDF)


 Summer Program Registration Continues

The early registration for the 2014 Summer Program (for students entering K, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade in Fall 2014) continues through April 30.  Please go here for online enrollment.  If you encounter any issues or questions regarding enrollment, please send an email to

More information about the Summer Program (PDF)


Chinese Literacy (“Chinese Vocabulary”) Contest Starting this Saturday

We plan to have a special Chinese Literacy (“Chinese Vocabulary”) Contest for all students (except for IC class students) from April 12 through 26.  The scope of the contest will be limited to GO Chinese 100 through 500 textbooks and materials, depending on the student’s grade level.  Students who pass the minimum contest criteria will be issued a certificate of achievement.  The contest winners will be awarded by the school on April 26.

Details of the contest will be published soon, and you may also wish to discuss any questions you may have with your student’s language teacher.


Congratulations to ANCCS- EP Contest Winners!

We are pleased to learn that our two students have won the third place in ANCCS- EP contest held last weekend:

Jessica Guo (郭丹晨) (IC2) won third place in Chinese Brush Painting- Group A

Emily Zhao (趙欣怡) (8AB) won third place in Pencil Writing, Group A

Congratulations to Jessica and Emily, their parents, and EP teachers!  Jessica and Emily both will also receive a $50.00 cash award from the school.

Many thanks to Dr. Brian Wong, for his time and efforts to escrow our participating students travelling to the South Bay.


“Contra Costa Chinese School stands out as the best Chinese school in the East Bay. With its wonderful array of festivals and EP classes, CCCS really emphasizes the importance of the cultural, as well as language, importance in the Chinese learning experience.”
10th Grade student

“After a twenty year hiatus from studying Chinese, Contra Costa Chinese School once again afforded me the opportunity of studying Chinese. Though I am not Chinese and am 44 years old, I was not turned away by the administration and felt very welcome at the school. The opportunity to study Chinese is open to all.”
Adult Student/Parent

 “There were some characteristics of CCCS….student body is made up of students from a variety of different backgrounds….students can learn writing in either the traditional or simplified Chinese characters…..One other strength this school has is the teachers. The teachers I have met and spoken with truly care about their students and really do want to help them master the material. They use a variety of innovative and interactive methods to not only teach the material, but make it interesting and keep the students engaged.….I like all the different elements of Chinese culture that they teach – not only painting and dancing, but also ping pong and yoyo.….lead me to believe that this school is the ideal choice for our family.”
Parent of transfer student

 "As a non-Chinese speaking parent, after four years with the school I can say with confidence that the school has been a delight. My child continues to learn the language along with the needed confidence to use it (such as during her travels in Taiwan). For myself I have learned some of the language and culture along the way.  The staff, other parents, and teachers being so welcome I recommend this school to other households, both for itself and also to augment the Monday-to-Friday school."
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